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Various Plumbing Jobs

The following photos show some of our plumbing work, taken at jobs in the Rosanna area. The team at W.L. Chivers Plumbing deliver prompt, courteous and reliable service... 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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  • Prompt, courteous, reliable
  • Jordan Chivers - General Manager
  • Local plumber, Mitch
  • Local plumber, Daniel
  • Wayne and Jordan Chivers
  • Planning meeting
  • Jordan, as featured in a plumbing magazine
  • Wayne and Peter Mackenzie, Project Manager Bathroom Renovations
  • More night works, on the job 24/7
  • Six plumbers and an excavator
  • Jordan and Nina on the excavator
  • Apprentice plumber - Kyle
  • Nina Chivers
  • Installing a new electric hot water system
  • Replacing a leaking tap
  • The after-hours plumbers
  • Getting the job done
  • Emergency repairs to burst pipes, blocked drains and sewers
  • Finding a blockage with the CCTV camera
  • The CCTV camera displays the blockage
  • Replacement hot water service installed
  • Replacement hot water service installed
  • Plumbing pipes, drains and sewers replaced
  • New plumbing in place and ready to cover
  • Cutting through concrete
  • Pipe excavations, from public roads to private backyards
  • Our small excavator can save time and money
  • Our excavator can work in the tightest of spaces
  • Our small excavator can go just about anywhere
  • Tree roots, the #1 cause of pipe blockages!
  • Small excavation, saves cost and disruption
  • Our new Hitachi 55U excavator
  • Roof restorations from small to large buildings
  • We can restore your roof no matter how big or small
  • Roof restoration - before
  • Roof restoration - after
  • Wayne and Jordan, working side by side
  • Look for our plumbing vehicles
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