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The Chivers Plumbing TeamThe Chivers Plumbing Team

W.L. Chivers Plumbing. A name with a rich history within the plumbing industry. Backed by over 45 years experience, WL Chivers is led by a young team of dedicated professionals ready for any problem, circumstance or scenario at any time of any day. WL Chivers plumbing focuses on reactive property plumbing maintenance work, specialising in emergency situations. Covering over 11,000 rental properties and with a substantial database of contract work, look no further for a plumbing company you can trust. If you are faced with a plumbing problem, WL Chivers is the company you need backing you.

When you engage WL Chivers plumbing, you are assured that a licenced/registered professional plumber will be at your service, carrying all of the equipment necessary to diagnose and rectify your plumbing issue. Fully insured and backed by a vast knowledge of the industry, customer satisfaction is the number one priority, leaving no stone unturned and no customer unhappy. A competitive and fair pricing structure ensures that when you select WL Chivers Plumbing, you are making the best choice.

A Brief History of W.L. Chivers Plumbing Pty Ltd

Established 1977

The Chivers Plumbing TeamThe company founder, Wayne Chivers

Wayne Chivers founded WL Chivers plumbing in 1977. Wayne has completed over 100,000 plumbing jobs in this time and has led his company to what it has become today. In 2015, Wayne took a sidewards step in the business allowing his son Jordan Chivers to become the general manager. Since Jordan took over, the company has expanded into new avenues, taking on a larger client base and implementing modern-day systems and safety requirements within an ever changing business. Jordan’s can- do attitude landed him awards in the latter years of his own apprenticeship coupled with an outstanding name within the plumbing industry. Jordan has a very strong team behind him who are dedicated and keen to grow and expand within the company. Jordan strives on providing himself and the staff a state of the art workspace with an excellent work/life balance. With a 24/7 rostered emergency service team, there is always an expert available, prepared and ready to tackle any scenario facing them.

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