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Jordan Chivers

Jordan Chivers - General ManagerBeing the son of a plumbing business director and well-known plumber, Jordan was born and bred into the industry; spending a great deal of his childhood alongside his father attending plumbing emergencies. As a former national level competitive swimmer, Jordan understands the level of discipline required to lead a company of this calibre. He prides himself on his family's reputation within the industry. He strives every day to create a modern-day approach to this forever changing trade. With customer satisfaction and perfect workmanship his main priority, Jordan sees his company becoming one of industry leaders in the coming years.

Wayne Chivers

Wayne Chivers - DirectorHaving founded the company in 1977, Wayne prides himself on his knowledge and experience within the plumbing industry, guiding his son and their team on the journey they have begun. Wayne prides himself on customer communication and an ideal workplace for all staff. As a director of the company, Wayne’s experience is paramount and he continues to play a major role within the company. As a proud Dad, Wayne is excited to see what his son and the team are able to accomplish.

Mitchell Hardiman

Mitchell Hardiman - PlumberMitchell joined the team at WL Chivers Plumbing in 2015 after becoming good friends with Jordan Chivers through their specialist plumbing studies, where they met. Mitchell has now become an integral part of W.L. Chivers Plumbing, managing and carrying out over 40 jobs per week. Mitchell prides himself on his workmanship and communication with customers and is looking forward to what the future holds for him and WL Chivers Plumbing.

Daniel Giroud

Daniel Giroud - PlumberDaniel started his apprenticeship under Wayne Chivers in 2010. Wayne’s guidance has shaped him into the plumber he has become today. Daniel is an extremely valuable member within WL Chivers Plumbing. He has a vast knowledge of the ins and outs and the structure of how the company works. Daniel leads a team of three within the company. He has expertise in carrying out larger jobs and high calibre work including complicated drainage solutions and repair work. He and his team can be put into any plumbing situation and know how to work through any issues to deliver the best possible outcome.

Blake McEntee

Blake - PlumberBlake is a young plumber who joined W.L. Chivers Plumbing in 2016 having completed his apprenticeship under Jordan. Blake prides himself on his workmanship and customer satisfation and is looking forward to a successful future with the company.

Peter Mackenzie

Peter Mackenzie - Project Manager, BathroomsWayne's nephew, Peter Mackenzie has a long history in the plumbing business, having dug his first sewer at age 14. With Certificates in Construction and Waterproofing, Peter transitioned to bathroom renovations several years ago. He is now in a leadership role with the company as Bathroom Renovation Project Manager.

John Veljanovski

John Valjanovski - Bathroom SpecialistW.L. Chivers Plumbing has a side branch, (Striking Bathrooms), operated by Wayne Chivers. John plays a major role in carrying out the supervision and management of all of our bathroom projects. Wayne and John together complete over 50 bathrooms per year. John's background is in the construction industry as a qualified draftsman, his sound knowledge is paramount as are his excellent communication skills. John is a highly valued and respected member of the team.

Kyle Trifunovic

Kyle Trifunovic - Apprentice PlumberKyle is an apprentice plumber who works mainly under the supervision of Daniel Giroud. Kyle is an extremely hard worker and is dedicated to developing his personal skills while learning and gaining as much knowledge within the industry as possible.


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Carole Nink - Accounts and Receivables Manager

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